Tuesday, May 22, 2012

cousin weekend

my bro and nephews came to visit over the weekend while my sister-in-law visited a friend in colorado. man we played hard. alex scored some field level padres/angels tickets from a generous baseball parent so he took matt and the older cousins to the game while i stayed home with brady and miles. the 2 little monkeys and i went to the park, played with toys, and crashed before the guys came home. on sunday we all went to church and then to legoland. it was such a fun...and exhausting day...as you can tell by the picture below. all 4 boys crashed within minutes of leaving the park. i'm so blessed to have my family near us and to have nephews that are close in age with my boys.

on saturday morning i went to the san elijo community garage sale and scored some great stuff. this one guy was selling brand new ukuleles for $5 so i snatched one up for miles. miles loves any and all instruments- not sure where he gets this from since neither alex or i play anything- but it's quite entertaining to watch. he loves his ukie and takes it ev.er.y.where. such a little rockstar.

summer is near

summer means:

splash parks

watermelon smiles

and yummy sangria.

we ate at this yummy restaurant in leucadia last friday called le papagayo. such a fun atmosphere and their sangria was delicious. highly recommend.

our pets

alex's mom loves animals. like really loves them. she spends numerous hours every day taking care of her 3 horses, dogs, cats, and fish. since i am not an animal lover, i am glad the boys get to have pets who live just a few miles away with their grandparents. mike and catherine have rescued both a black cat named boo and a pony named newton over the past couple years that they have dubbed 'aj and miles' pets.' the boys love their pets and i love not taking care of them. win win.

here is aj taking newton for a walk. pretty soon he will be able to ride him. eek.

newton, reina, and nabora

miles and auntie cassandra.

Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day tea

aj's preschool class put on a sweet little performance for all the mothers last friday. i never knew aj was the tallest one in his class until i saw this picture. he is just sprouting like crazy!

for most of the performance he acted super shy by covering his face or turning around. guess he wont be the next brad pitt. cute, nonetheless.

aj's teacher is such a gem. she happens to be my good friend ronya's mom and aj adores her. she loves the lord, loves children (she has 7 of her own!), and loves to teach children about the lord. couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my little guy.

so blessed to be called mom by this ham.

and here, my friends, is 'i'm a little teapot.' enjoy.

homemade deo for the b.o.

a couple months ago at our annual girls 'gag' weekend i was introduced to homemade deodorant. a few of the girls have been making their own for a while and rave about the performance and frugality of it so i decided, what the hay, lets try it! all you need is 1/4 c baking soda, 1/4 c cornstarch, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil. mix them together and scoop it in an empty deodorant dispenser. super easy, works fantastic, and smells great!

sea life aquarium

fun day at the legoland aquarium with sammy, micah, matthew, and kaylie.

first time i've seen a bright red crab. pretty, huh?

love these little rascals

exercise of choice

wish i could start everyday jogging with these two cuties. running is so good for my soul.